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Frank LaMark

Frank LaMark is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, husband and father.

12 years ago when the real estate market crashed Frank almost lost his house due to foreclosure. The banks where not forgiving and they wanted to get their money at all costs! As the old saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Frank LaMark created Lamco Investments, LLC to give debt relief to homeowners by solving their problem.

He knows the stress involved in losing your home due to foreclosure, IRS tax liens, Realtor can’t sell your home and you need cash now?

Who is Frank LaMark?

•21+ Years of Real Estate Experience

•Purchased first flip home at 19 years old

•Serial Entrepreneur, Want to be Boat Captain & Amateur Airplane Pilot

•10 Years in Auto Industry. In 2000 started First “Real Job” Sales, MGR & F & I Positions.

•Extensive Knowledge in General Construction & Project Management with over 15,000 remodeling projects over 3 kitchen and bath showrooms in Chicagoland area. Managed a 35-person team comprised of designers and project managers. Peaked at $8 million in gross revenue. 

Creator and Founder of Lamco Investments. Purchasing single family and multi family homes with the sole intent to help people in any situation to sell their home.


Facing Forclosure?

IRS Tax Liens?

Divorce, Loss of Job?

Realtor can’t sell your house? I can help!

To schedule a call with Frank call or text 1-815-893-9264

Check out our Google 5 Star Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Lamco Investments, LLC several times over the past five years. Frank and his team were always professional and easy to communicate with. They are prompt and knowledgeable and have a wide array of knowledge and they work to the mutual benefit of all of the parties involved.

thumb Marilyn Durante

Frank is highly experienced in real estate in his local area, particularly in acquisitions, short term rental operations, and remodels. He is a clear communicator, and great team player, bringing people together for opportunities where everyone can win. Frank has become my go to for any real estate needs there in his area of the Midwest!

thumb Isaac Phillips

Frank is great to work with! Our experience with him has been very professional. Highly recommend.

thumb Jonathan & Valerie Shirah

I worked with Lamco Investments, LLC. They are very transparent, responsive and upfront. Highly recommended.

thumb Luis Vilar