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Lamco Investments, LLC’s (a Delaware Limited Liability Company) target market is Illinois and Wisconsin with two goals in mind. To revitalize a neighborhood and to make a profit at the same time.

Specialized Acquisition Strategy

Lamco Investments purchases single family & under performing small to midsize multifamily properties that have demonstrated strong cash flow but are being held back by poor property management and deferred maintenance.   We target B and C properties from single family and 5 to 50 unit multi family.

Experienced Management Team

Not only do we oversee the asset management portion of each property, but we also actively manage the day-to-day onsite operations at a high level. Our firsthand experience allows for a strict oversight of each property using our proven systems. Our objective is to raise the occupancy of the property as well as the income.

Strong Industry Fundamentals

Today’s economic climate is making it more difficult for people to acquire home loans. This has created a tremendous demand for multifamily housing. Our strong relationships with community banks & private investors have allowed us to acquire properties using creative financing that is overlooked by the average investor.

Wealth Building Strategy

We strive for cash-on-cash returns of 15% and cap rates of 9%. This high return rate coupled with the equity built over time, makes our multifamily investing approach a sought after option for any wealth building strategy.


If you would like more information on how to invest with Lamco Investments please give us a call at 1-815-893-9264

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